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Jonouchi Kagura
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Zilla – Derived from “Godzilla”

Gooji – Derived from “Gojira” (Godzilla's Japanese name)

Moo - A play on the Japanese word “Mu” meaning "void" or "nothing"

Golem – Named after the Golem from Mythology

Henger – Derived from the Japanese word “Henge” which means “to transform”

Monol – Short for “Monolith”

Naga – Named after the Naga from Hindi Mythology

Gali – Hebrew name meaning “Wave”

Jell – Derived from “Gel” or “jelly” but they resemble an Amoeba

Suezo - ???

Tiger – Mistranslated with the Japanese name “Rygar” which derived from the Japanese word “Raiga” meaning “The Thunder Fang”

Bajarl - ???

Baku - Their physical appearance is much like a cross between a hippopotamus and a dog. Earlier designs showed them to be more tapir-like, reflecting the legendary Turkish baku.

Beaclon - ???

Centaur – Named after the Centaur from Greek Mythology

Color Pandora – Derived from "Koropendora". ("Koropen Juggle" trick)

Duckens (Dakkungs) - ???

Durahan - based on the Irish legends of the Dullahan.

Gaboos - ???

Jill – Derived from “Chill”

Kato – Derived from “Cat”

Mocchi – resembles mochi, the Japanese dessert made of pounded rice and wrapped in cherry leaves.

Undine – based on the German legend about a girl named Undine who came from the ocean.

Nitons – Derived from Ammonite

Phoenix – Named after the Phoenix from Mythology

Zuum - ???

Lesione – Derived from Plesiosaurus and Loch Ness Monster

Madillo – Derived from Armadillo

Xenon - the Greek word ξένον [xenon], neuter singular form of ξένος [xenos], meaning 'foreign(er)'

Janne – originated from Joanne of Arc

Mia - A pet form of "Maria", which is itself the Latin equivalent of "Mary". "Mary" is originally from the Hebrew for "bitterness". Other possible meanings include: "rebelliousness" and "beloved-child

Granity – Derived from Granite

Big Blue – Implying that he’s big and blue

Dragoon – Named after a Dragoon which is a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army.

Chariot – named after a Chariot which is pulled by a horse

Celious – Derived from Celsius

Lilim – Based on Lilin/Lilim/Lilith from Jewish Mythology and Mesopotamian demonology

Jagd Hound – Derived from Jagdhund which is German for “Hound”

Dino – Derived from “Dinosaur”

Hare – Named after a wild hare from reality

Pixie – Named after the “Pixies” from Folklore which are types of fairies

Gray Wolf – Named after a Gray wolf from reality to imply that he is a wolf with a color Gray

Renocraft – Derived from “Renovator tool” and “Art Craft”

Ape – Based on an Ape

Melcarba – Derived from “Metal” and “Scarab”

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